Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Discuss Modesty...

Reader discretion advised.

While surfing the web I recently came across an unsavory practice called "Bubbling".
It shocked me, but soon my brain saw how it can be used to illustrate an important point about the importance of modesty.

First of all an art instructor recently commented on how modern people undervalue the language of clothing. How a person dresses communicates to their viewer. Blindly following certain fashion trends is like parroting the words of another person without thinking of the content first.

Thus, the topic of modesty.

Most (I'd love to say "all") sane women would never go window-shopping downtown in nothing but their bra and underwear.
However, a large percentage of these same women don't blink twice when wearing a bikini to a beach.

What is the difference? Not much.
Really the only difference is that it has become socially acceptable to be unclad at beaches, but it is still considered "crude" to do so in town.

So what is the problem?
Men and women are different and the way their brains work follows suit.

Now I'd like to come back to where I started with the phenomenon of "Bubbling".
The pictures will explain what it is and why it is called what it is called.

Also, I'd like to postulate that this is (more or less) a pretty accurate example of the difference between the male and female view on the language of modesty (or lack of).

The girls see themselves "as is". This is to say, what the photo reveals is the image they are conscious of presenting to the world.

However, the current practice that some guys are using called "bubbling" reveals how the male brain (in most cases) is ACTUALLY seeing these girls.

Now, these are the SAME photos. In fact nothing at all has been subtracted from the scene. In fact, one could argue that more skin is covered up in the second set of photos.
However, most girls would be horrified if they saw "bubbled" photos of themselves.

Many parents have no problem with their teenage girls wearing bikinis. However I would bet that those same parents would have a very strong negative reaction to seeing their bikinied children in a "bubbled" photo.

I would hope that ANY female would be deeply disturbed by the fact that an innocent photo taken of them at the beach can be turned into soft porn without their knowledge.

Might I point out that the simple act of wearing even a one piece bathing suit makes it harder for your image to be abused and much easier for onlookers to maintain custody of their eyes. Though, even then, it still results in a somewhat uncomfortable image when "bubbled".

It is food for thought.
Perhaps we need to think about it more often.


  1. I totally disagree. I think that they want to expose as much as possible without being arrested, like that woul dhappen.

  2. Intriguing visual analysis of "bubbling". Kudos