Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let ME walk you home.

(There was a poem I wrote a few years ago and recently I heard a song that eerily seemed to reply to that poem. I put the specific phrase that stood out in both poems in red. It is precious. Thank You Lord.)

Dear God,
Nothing is what it used to be.
Now nothing seems to mean anything.
When did all my dreams fly away?
Why does peace never stay?

As I stand here again all alone,
I pray for the strength to walk myself home.
Lives scatter, only dim mem’ries remain.
I go on, tears washed away by the rain.

These scars on my heart
Mark time gone by
And emptiness fills me
As I slowly die.

Please take me away to a land on a star
Where a Hero can save me from my empty heart.
I’ll build a white castle where I’ll keep my soul,
In attempt to protect it from earthly control.

But I wake in the morning
To the light of new day
And I find that my troubles
Have not gone away.
So I pick myself up
And start out again
On this path of my life,
Until I reach the end

Until that day comes
I know pain won’t be odd
So I’ll keep in my heart
A white castle for God

[Dear Daughter,]
know that I am always with you never too far away
When you don’t know who you are anymore,
That’s when you’ll hear Me say…

Let Me walk you home
I will pick your favorite flower
Let Me walk you home
I will show you that you’re beautiful
Let Me walk you home
I will hold you close to Me
So you can hear my heart beat
Let Me walk you home

I’m on the road you walk on
Understanding all your pain
Let Me be the light that guides you
along every step of the way
I’m there when you stumble
Always reaching out, calling your name
If you would listen to the calm of your heart
That’s when you’ll hear me say…
“Let me walk you home”.

Let me caress you with the warmth of the sun
And the cool of the breeze.
I smile at you through the flowers and the faces you see.
I’ll sing through fountains and stream,
And know that all of this means,
I love you.


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