Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shakespearean Facepalm!

The little film is brilliant. I'm sure when I have the chance to explore the other links in this (stolen) post I'll like many of them as well. However, the film on it's own was a gem worth sharing RIGHT NOW! Soo... there. ;)

Writer’s Block in Stop-Motion, Shakespeare-Style

What Romeo and Juliette have to do with William Shatner and modern justice.

395 years ago tomorrow, the great William Shakespeare took his last breath. Shakespearean Tragedy (A Comedy) is a lovely Claymationesque animated short film about Shakespeare’s writer’s block by 24-year-old Jerusalem-based animator Anna Cohen, exploring something we have an ongoing fascination with: What is creativity, and how do we overcome the obstacles in its way? After previously hearing from the very real Scott Belsky, Rainn Wilson, Kurt Andersen, Stefan Sagmeister, Steven Johnson and Isaac Asimov, it’s time we heard from imaginary-Shakespeare:

Bonus points for the Spakespearean facepalm, no?

Here are a few more intelligent ways to commemorate the iconic playwright:

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